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Registration Fees and Infomation

Registration Fee & Payment Plan Information

The Edina Hockey Association (EHA) has an extremely strong tradition with over 1,200 players and about 80 teams.  EHA hopes each family understands there is significant time and effort surrounding the registration fee amount for each level.  Beyond the registration fee funds, EHA relies heavily on sponsors, donations, advertising and fundraising to keep registration fees at the most reasonable level as possible.   EHA’s financial goal is to breakeven each year. 


Registration fees are utilized to pay for operating expenses:

  • Tryouts
  • Practice ice time purchased by EHA
  • Tournament gate fees
  • District 6 fees (games, referees, other fees)
  • EHA equipment
  • Other required operating expenses
  • Rostering Fee: (2022-2023).  A rostering fee will be charged for the following teams; Jr Gold A $150, Bantam AA $150, Bantam A $75, Peewee AA $100, Peewee A $50, 15UA $100, 12UA $50. Each of these teams have either more D6 games, longer games, and/or more referees, and hence will be charged for those additional costs. The rostering fee will be assessed at the beginning of the season.



COVID-19 Registration Fee Refund Policy:

Following the guidance established by the State of MN, MN Hockey, USA Hockey and District 6, the Edina Hockey Association is currently planning to have a hockey season in 2022-23, despite the significant uncertainty that still exists with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result, the Association is already incurring certain costs that are fixed in nature.  Therefore, if the season is cancelled prior to starting, the entire fundraising fee, any late fees, as well as a small portion of your regular registration fees (estimated to be 5%) will not be refunded.   If the season is cancelled or temporarily stopped after it has started, the Association will calculate a refund amount based on costs incurred by the Association.  Any refunds will be calculated and distributed within 60 days of the official end of the season. 


Important note regarding the total cost of travel hockey

The Edina Hockey Association registration fee covers the costs of jerseys/socks, tryouts, practice ice (up to a budgeted amount per level), games, tournaments, District 6 fees, City of Edina parks and recreation fees, as well as the administrative costs of the Association.  In addition to the registration fees, it is important to understand that each travel hockey team will also charge a team assessment to cover additional team costs such as team parties/banquets, additional practice ice/scrimmages, coach’s gifts, away tournament meals, among other costs.  The team assessments can vary widely from team to team, typically averaging between $400 to $600 per player, but may be higher in some circumstances.  In addition, other costs such as equipment, away tournament hotel rooms, optional team apparel, etc. will be incurred directly by you. 

The Edina Hockey Association’s goal is to ensure all Edina children who want to play hockey can do so.  Considering the total cost of travel hockey, if you believe you are going to have difficulty affording hockey this season, we strongly encourage you to consider applying for a scholarship for the registration fee to bring down the total cost of hockey or develop payment plans that will work with your financial situation.  More information about EHA financial-aid/scholarships can be found Here


EHA primarily uses historical operating results to gauge the registration fee as well as a host of estimated figures or data such as; number of registered players, ice time hourly rates, District 6 fees and number of tournaments and related gate fees. 


EHA received many compliments for allowing families to pay for registration fees using their credit card on an installment basis.  This option is available for the 2022-2023 season. This is for Traveling players only.

  • Families have the option to pay the entire amount immediately
  • Installment payment plan
    • Initial payment due at registration ( See Attached Registration Fees
    • First half of remaining balance due November 15, 2022
    • Second half of remaining balance due January 15, 2023
    • Please note for Jr Gold U16 and Girls U19
      • Second and third installment payments will be on December 15, 2022 and February 15, 2023


Thank you again for registering with Edina Hockey.  Go Hornets!